Michele Rolstone graduated from Michaelis School for Fine Art, UCT in 2010. Upon taking up her first studio late in 2012, Rolstone crossed paths with South African printmaker Judy Woodborne, under whose mentorship she has been honing her skills as a printmaker.

As a member of Woodborne’s Intaglio Studio, Rolstone has offered printmaking classes as well as professional printmaking services, having assisted Woodborne in the production of printed editions for numerous artists (including Faith47). She has participated in a number of International print exhanges, as well as international Printmaking Biennales where one submission was selected for further exhibition in NYC, and another is now in the collection of the Muzeum Miasta Ostrowa Wielkopolskiego, Poland. Rolstone has participated in numerous group exhibitions lboth ocally and abroad. She presented her first solo exhibition in March 2018 as part of the University of Stellenbosch Woordfees visual arts programme. Rolstone works largely with printmedia, however, her work often gravitates to the sculptural.