Joubert Stander
Art has always played an important part of my life. I recall how during church services, and to the irritation of my parents, I was constantly scribbling pictures on the church newsletter. It was only towards the end of my school years that I began taking art classes. I was still so uncertain about the future and career decisions. I eventually embarked on studies in art with graphic design as main subject. This taught me much about discipline and structure.

Upon completion of my studies, I spent eight months clearing my mind while working in London. I returned to South Africa to work in the advertising industry. Somewhere in my blood “true art” remained and my restlessness was stirred even more when friends of mine gave me one year art classes with famous artist, Catharina de Bliquy, as a 30th birthday gift. She had been my favorite living artist for 15 years up until then and it had been my dream to meet her. The classes and life lessons were wonderful and I also acquired a dear friend.

Oil painting has always been one of my favorite mediums, although I had never ventured to try it. With Catharina, I got the opportunity to work in oil and she also taught me to draw from imagination. After the completion of a body of work, I usually experience an uneasy anticipation and excitement, but also an immense emptiness. It is as if my inner being is unable to be creative and almost stripped to the core. Luckily my sensitive nature enables me to transform small bits of beauty into a fresh and new surge of creative energy.

One day, exasperated over finding a gift for a friend, I tried doing a portrait on a medium size stone and doing so launched a new range, Remnant Emotions, that has maintained my interest. The painting on pebbles often assists to reconnect my creative enthusiasm and distractibility into a deeper creative space. Each pebble has its own unique energy and acts as a source of stability and therapy.

My entire life I have been fascinated by religious artworks and iconography. My icons depict everyday people, not only holy figures. By doing this, I try to emphasize the uniqueness and value of each person, since we are all equally special. Since I started painting, I feel more alive and safe in my own skin. Painting taught me to be less fearful – something I have struggled with all my life. Art became my scaffolding to climb up and down this vessel of life I was given. While painting, I disappear into another world – somewhere I am safe to discover myself and the meaning of this life. My paintings are an extension of this journey.

That is why art should evoke emotions or simply get someone to think or talk about it. The title is just a glimpse into my thought process. I want the onlooker to observe end experience the painting. That makes the process more personal.

1992: Matriculated at Strand High School
1993 – 1995: Studied Art with Graphic Design as main subject at Cape College
1997: One Year Working Holiday in London, UK
1998 – 2005:Graphic Designer at various sign companies
2004: One Year Oil Painting Class with Catharina de Bliquy
2005 – 2009: Full-Time Artist
2010 – 2014: Framing Consultant at a Framing Company
2014 – Full-Time Artist