Alexia Vogel

With a lush tactility and heady mystique, the painted worlds of Alexia Vogel translate the amoebic, sublime na- ture of nostalgia, fantasy and wanderlust into vast, immersive canvases and vivid works on paper. Her imagined paradises disavow the logic of time in order to reach a space and state more felt than perceived, spaces of sus- tained reverie and suspended sensation.With her mark making directed by instinct and spontaneity,Vogel allows the tactility of the paint and its autonomous movement across the surface of the canvas to direct her process. Moments of lucidity dissolve into states of dreamy meditation as the artist intuitively shifts between abstractionand figuration. More recent work sees notions of journey, passage and transition attaining more emphasis, while the artist continues to explore extremes of scale and further degrees of abstraction.

Since graduating with distinction from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2013, the artist has presented foursolo exhibitions and has participated on notable group shows both locally and internationally. Barnard Gallerypresented her work at START, Saatchi Gallery London (2018), AKAA (Also Known as Africa), Paris (2017), Cape Town Art Fair (2014-2017) and the Joburg Art Fair (2014-2015). The artist has quickly gained recognition for her work and critics and collectors alike have applauded her painting.

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